Covance Leeds Clinical Trials For 25 Years

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Covance Leeds Clinical Trials

The Covance UK Leeds Clinic has been conducting clinical trials for 25 years and has made quite the name for themselves with the world’s leading medicinal companies. Because Covance Leeds does both Phase I and Phase II clinical trials, paid volunteers are accepted per clinical trial basis regardless of health. So healthy or patient, you can be paid to take part in their clinical trials.

Getting to Know the Covance UK Leeds Clinic
Established in 1986, Covance Clinical Research Unit at Leeds carries out Covance clinical trials for some of today’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies. Covance Leeds Clinic works with these companies in Phase I and II testing such as drug absorption, reaction, …show more content…

Although Covance clinical trials can carry some risk, you can trust the 25 years of experience that Covance UK has earned in safely conducting clinical trials. As well as having a team of medical experts to keep you healthy and safe, Covance UK also has the Research Ethics Committee and the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) approve each Covance Leeds clinical trial before it starts to set up appropriate safeguards for all of their healthy and patient volunteers. Qualified doctors and nurses are on hand to monitor your safety at all times.

The Covance UK Leeds Clinic Staying onsite for the duration of your Covance medical trial is mostly dependent upon the Covance clinical trial that you take a part in. Since a clinical trial can last from two nights to a month, the Leeds Clinic provides wonderful accommodations to all of their healthy and patient volunteers. These offers include satellite television, internet and wifi, a pool table, free arcade games, XBox 360 & PS3, board games, DVDs, a book library, daily newspapers, organized events (quizzes & bingo), quiet rooms, modern showers, 3 catered meals a day, and a smoking room (if allowed on your study).
There are a few things you as a volunteer will have to bring in order to make your stay more comfortable. You should of course bring your own clothes and toiletries as well as

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