Covance Leeds Clinical Trials For 25 Years

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Covance Leeds Clinical Trials

The Covance UK Leeds Clinic has been conducting clinical trials for 25 years and has made quite the name for themselves with the world’s leading medicinal companies. Because Covance Leeds does both Phase I and Phase II clinical trials, paid volunteers are accepted per clinical trial basis regardless of health. So healthy or patient, you can be paid to take part in their clinical trials.

Getting to Know the Covance UK Leeds Clinic
Established in 1986, Covance Clinical Research Unit at Leeds carries out Covance clinical trials for some of today’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies. Covance Leeds Clinic works with these companies in Phase I and II testing such as drug absorption, reaction, and affectation by the body, other drugs, and food consumption.
Covance Leeds does two types of testing in Covance clinical trials: Phase I and Phase II

Phase I clinical trials take healthy individuals and paid volunteers and study the effects the drugs have on the test subject’s body including the body’s absorption rate of the drugs, the influence food has on the absorption rate of the drug, and any side effects that the drug may cause the healthy volunteers.

Phase II clinical trials help determine if a drug can be useful in treating the particular condition for which it is being developed to treat. Patients with mild to moderate forms of these conditions are selected on a volunteer basis and placed into Covance clinical trials. Diabetes,…

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