Creation Of The Bill Of Rights

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Creation of the Bill of Rights and Amendments Colonists longed for a different type of government before, during, and after the Revolutionary War. Before the war, the power stayed within the hands of the King. Many years later, a document called the Articles of Confederation was created. The creation of the articles was one of the strategies taken to merge the colonies in becoming one nation. The articles were supposed to help the governmental problems at this point in time. However, this particular document had several weaknesses and was not sufficient enough for the colonists. The weakness that the colonists focused on the most was the lack of power within the central government. With many of the colonists following behind Whigs’ ideology on the creation of their future government and how things should be carried out, aided them in their views on the Articles of Confederation. Whigs’ Ideology Whig ideology evolved over the course of the Revolutionary War due to English, American, and Revolutionary Whigs. Schweikart & Allen (2014) state that the English Whigs adopted the concept that everyone was created equally and deserved equal rights and opportunities (p. 98), which is also known as egalitarianism. The English Whigs were firm believers in having the government small and closer to home. The American Whigs preferred that the legislative should remain the most powerful as it was in the Articles of Confederation. Schweikart & Allen (2014) suggest in the following quote
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