Creative Story : A Short Story

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Ever since “Tom” had died his mother, Anna LaFarge, began to lose her memories faster and faster. Before, it was just a few fuzzy moments she chalked up to her age, but then the leak quickly grew into a waterfall. Every day she chanted simple tasks to herself like some magic spell in hopes that she might remember it the next day. The other townspeople started to notice her madness when her occasional visits to town suddenly became far more frequent. Each day it was the same, she ran through the town asking for her son although everyone knew her son was dead. One month after the mysterious, shape-shifting Martian died she was making her usual runs through town; however, she was far more distressed than normal. Running as fast as her thin legs could carry her through town, she stopped everyone she came across to interrogate them. She ran up to Mrs. Spaulding, who was on her way home, and had groceries in hand. Anna gripped her by the shoulders and started shaking her forcefully and practically screaming, “Have you seen my Tom?” Mrs. Spaulding was quite flustered and terrified at Anna’s sudden change in behavior, “No, I’m sorry. I haven’t.” She gave that same response every time Anna came to town because she didn’t have the heart to continuously tell her, her son was dead. Dropping Mrs. Spaulding, Anna ran to the nearest house and began pounding on the blue door as she shouted, “Have you seen my son? Tom is just a young boy, and I’m scared. If he doesn’t come home soon, he’ll

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