Creative Writing Continuation 'Of Mice And Men' by John Steinbeck

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The cold harsh winds of the winter whistled through the ranch. Nothing moved, the grounds lay bare the only sign of life was an illuminated window on the far side of the silent ranch. The light came from a small wooden shack; the shack appeared newer than the rest of the weather worn buildings, it also looked better cared for than the other buildings. Next to the shack was a small garden and in it were gravestones. Two were lined side by side, but another sat lonely in the corner of the garden. The lonely gravestone was simple it was made from wood unlike the other two that had been carefully crafted out of stone. Then a creak echoed around the garden and the shack, it was no louder than a whisper but in a place where nothing made a single…show more content…
"He made a run for it, Curley and a couple of guys hunted him down," George looked at the ground. The afternoon had become colder and harsher. The dark had consumed the light and droplets of moisture settled. Charlie gestured with his hand for George to carry on. George
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