Creative Writing: Jacob Island

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After hearing what Paisley had to say about Mr. Spinks, I just stood there in shock. Spinks may have been annoying with his terrible sense of humor, but it was unsettling thinking about there not being any adult supervision for the time being. Next to me I can see Jacob is happy with the whole ordeal, as he is grinning. “I thought that the streets in London were going to be terrible, but the trip there has been terrible in itself,” Jacob said to me. I agreed and we began discussing plans to survive on this island. “I remember from watching Survivorman with my dad that the first thing you should do is make a fire, then find shelter and a reliable source of water,” I told Jacob and the others. Jena then said, “I agree with CJ, we need to find…show more content…
After about a twenty minute hike, Jacob and I can see a stream. This is not too far from the beach, which is a very good thing for our group. “We should make our shelters near this oddly convenient body of running water,” I tell Jacob. Finally back to the beach, we gather everyone up to show them the stream. “CJ and I think that we should make our shelters in between the beach and the stream that we found,” Jacob stated plainly. “If we do that, we can make some signals for help on the beach, while being a safe distance to the stream, but we also need to find some way to get food, I’m starving,” Jena said. “If we make some big sign of HELP in a visible area, a passing plane might see it,” I add, agreeing with Jena. “Can we make that extremely cliche HELP with fire somewhere on the beach?” Jacob said, his eyes beaming. “If it makes you happy, then go for it,”Jena replies. Right after Jena finishes saying that, Jacob is off to make his HELP sign out of rocks on the beach. “Now that we have a source of fresh water, we need a way to move it from place to place, so somebody needs to go scavenge in the wreckage of the plane for something to carry water in. Also, we should check for anything else useful in the wreckage, whether its rope, a garbage bag, or even some kind of seemingly useless tray,” said Jena
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