Creative Writing: Max Snelling

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“Yes! After a trek up Mt.Everest for 30 grueling days, I can finally say that after 5 tries, I've made it.” After basking in my glory for about 5 minutes, I reluctantly decided to head back down to summit camp. On my 6th trek everything seemed easy, but little did I know that venturing down this unpredictable mountain, would be nothing compared to my venture going up. “Well, I gotta get going, the rest of my group is already at the camp. To think me, Max Snelling, an average person who had a childhood dream of climbing this mountain, actually did it.” To notify the camps that I would be heading back down, I tried to radio them but it didn't work. I wonder why the radios weren't working, but the thought was quickly dismissed by the monstrous …show more content…

I pulled out my ice axe to help me keep balance. I shoved the blade into the ground and moved slowly. As I was slowly moving, I heard a booming, thunderous sound. I looked up to the mountain to the left of me, only to see an avalanche. Fearing for my life, it gave me the inspiration I needed, to get to the summit camp. I dropped the ice axe, and ran against the wind. Each step I took, I felt like the wind push harder and harder. The avalanche was almost to me. Little bits of rocks, started to fall from the sky like little rain droplets. With all my energy I dove past the avalanche and escaped by inches. I looked behind me and saw the avalanche rain down the mountainside. I winced in pain, because a deep pain was erupting from my sides. I slowly got up, and walked towards the summit camp. To think, that if I had been one second to late, that I would be dead. As I stepped on foot into the camp, I passed out. I made it to the summit camp, and received medical attention. The doctors told me I passed out when I made it the summit camp. They told me, that when I dove, that I broke 2 of my ribs, and that I was so lucky to run past an avalanche. I just simply told them, “What comes up, must come

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