Creative Writing: The Cold War

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"Rose what the hell is going on?" Mark asks as Steve and Rose usher Susan and him back to the car and begin taking weapons out of the trunk- and is that Captain America's shield? "I uh, I lied. A lot." Rose says as she grabs at guns. "For starters Steve's not my boyfriend- he's Captain America. And I'm not an accountant- I'll explain it all later just get in the car!" Steve has his shield on one arm, guns placed strategically on his person- as does Rose. Rose glances toward him as she loads one last gun, "Steve do me a favor." "Yeah?" She turns to him and fists the collar of his shirt, rising on her toes but also pulling him down to meet her, and presses her lips against his. "Don't die." And then she's taking off towards the fight. Steve …show more content…

"I'm not an accountant and I don't want to be one so it doesn't matter anyway. So yea. I fight monsters. And I'm awesome at it." "Obviously you didn't listen to a thing I told you growing up." Mark mutters under his breath. Rose's face darkens in a way Steve's never seen before. "What would you know? Most of the guys you fought weren't aiming to kill- more than that, they were all human. I fight shit that if I let get to close to me will literally take a chomp out of me. Teeth and claws that are very sharp and very real. Besides I could kick your ass old man." "No you couldn't. I've-" the sickening crack of his nose cut him off. Rose hands him a small towel from the glove compartment. "Don't get blood in my new jeep." Mark presses the towel to the rush of blood coming from his nose and goes to say something else. "Don't make me knock you out too." He keeps his mouth shut. After a moment of silence, Steve glances back in the rear view mirror. "Don't tip your head back." Rose sighs but agrees, "Yea. The blood could get in your airway and fill your lungs." Susan tried to help Mark lean forward a little but he waved her off with a nasty, "I'm fine." "Was just trying to help." Susan says softly and obviously hurt by his …show more content…

"We'll listen to Bruce Springsteen later. You'll like Born in the USA." They're quiet for the rest of the ride home, but the music keeps playing. At some point during the song he took his right hand off the wheel and it ended up intertwined with Rose's. "Remember to ask me about 'Like a Wrecking Ball'. We can have fun with that." "I think I've heard that one on the radio. I didn't like it." Steve frowns. Rose smiles at him, "No hun, you heard Miley Cryus's Wrecking Ball. I'm talking about another Eric Church song. They are very different." She then leans over, cupping her hands in the space between his ear and her mouth and whispers so her parents don't hear. "Miley's is about breaking up with her ex or something. Eric's is the most romantic song about rough sex you'll ever hear." To his credit, he doesn't blush. To her's, she wasn't trying to make him. He smirks like he's got an idea as she pulls back, "Really?" Rose grins, "Yep. Trust me, I'll be a better teacher when it comes to pop culture than Tony. Though he's on the right track with

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