Creative Writing: The Future is Made Out of Clones and Sex Crazed People

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The future isn’t made up of robots and freedom, but of clones and sex crazed people trying to find their way. There is basically a dictatorship type of society where everyone is told what they are going to be in life because there is no other way but the D.H.C. way. This is a world of control weather future or present there is someone that will try to have some type of control over you. This place is made of people that wouldn’t dare to be different, they were all just pawns in a big world of chess. The story is based in the future to give us a mental picture of what could be in our life to be. The citizens of this town don’t always have a choice in the life they live or in the things that take place in their society. Just like the citizens in our society today they are limited to the things they can and can’t do, due to the government restrictions. “Bokanovsky’s Process”. “A bokanovskified egg will bud, then proliferate, or divide. From eight to ninety-six buds and every bud will grow into a perfectly formed embryo, and every embryo into a full sized adult.” “With this they are making test tube babies and they are proliferating to produce more than ninety-six sets of identical twins, to be placed in factories and put to work.” This section of the story is basically suppressing the new birthing process of our future years. They are no longer making babies through physical contact they are just having pre-modified embryos. After the fertilization

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