Credentials, And The Death Penalty

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Because of their questionable sourcing, obvious biases, including empty claims, as well as, unverifiable facts, we are left with the impression that the death penalty targets the poor and colored,, and the death penalty is strictly numerical, This is established through the use of pathos and logo, including appeal to authority. These sources are not credible and should be approached with apprehension. The first source,, does not provide an author, contact information, offers out of date information, and uses empty evidence to appeal to authority. With no author present no one is being held accountable for the information listed. This means skewed or biased information could be …show more content…

With no “about page” the reader can not easily find out more about the organization. We are not able to find the page’s sponsor. This effects the underlying intent of the website, and we are not able to discover if the sponsor is reputable. However, this site does sport a “.org” URL, traditionally, this signals a non-profit organization. Generally, this also means the information in these types of websites are recognized as credible and unbiased, however, a critical thinker does not rely on only this when analyzing the credibility of a source. In fact, after analysis, this is an agenda driven site, trying to sway the reader to support the death penalty. Toward the top of the page, right beside the heading “Death Penalty Information Center” is a little, blurry badge stating “2011-2014 Top Non-profit”. Although, it is 2017, this does wrongfully give the reader a peace of mind, as typically, the reader does not pause and question who is donating to this cause. The information provided by is no loner current. At the top of the page in big heading letters states, “States with and without the death penalty” and just below it in slightly smaller font is “as of November 9, 2016”. This source is no longer credible as in just a few days this information will be a year old. No where located on the page does it state the last time the information was was modified and updated. Laws are constantly changing,

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