Crime And Criminal Justice System

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Since the eighteenth century society has been controlled by policing to deal with the ‘problem’ of ‘crime’. Although there are various perceptions of what ‘crime’ is and means, we can view it as an offence or act which is able to be punished by the Law. Despite this, the Police arguably omit ‘crimes’ caused by particular individuals or groups such as; the bourgeois and white males and females. Many occasions these responses deny less privileged and minority groups equality within the criminal justice system, furthermore breaking the rule of Law. An ideology in which everyone is equal before the Law, (Bingham,2010:85) implies,“It would seem to be an obvious implication of the principle that everyone is bound by and entitled to the protection of the law.” Unfortunately this is not the case with many responses by policing.
The state and criminal justice agencies control groups in society that are labelled as troubled although Fitzgerald,M and Hale,C (2009:387) comply that, “The modern state is expected to provide safety and well being of its citizens, protecting them from both external and internal threats, including becoming victims of crime” without being dictated upon a person’s class, race or gender. People who are subjected to such agencies are often affected by the state 's construction of ‘crime’, as the state will always view someone who has committed a ‘crime’ as a ‘criminal’.
Further, the Police conceivably attend to many more ‘crimes’ when individuals such as, ethnic
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