Crime Is Committed Within All Aspects Of Society

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It is widely known that crime is committed within all aspects of society; from the rich to the poor, those with and without formal education, and even in diverse cultures. Since the social demographic of criminals are complexly diverse, one must look to the relation that the criminal has to their social settings. The social control theory attempts to explain why individuals commit crimes by understanding why the majority chooses not to. The social control theory operates under the belief that everybody holds a predisposition to commit crime, but those who possess a positive belief and moral system, strong commitments to their community, and personal relationships with other people contain more self-control over their actions and are less likely to deviate. It is when the social traits and bonds of an individual are strained or broken that the individual would more freely engage in deviant activities. The sociological definition of social control is “the means of promoting societal norms” (Shepard, 2013, p.172). Social control is experienced by an individual in two ways; internally and externally. The internalization of social control is self-imposed during the socialization process and becomes a part of the person, meaning that they do not commit crime because they believe it to be wrong (Shepard, 2013, p.172). Social control that is experienced externally is control that is based on a system of sanctions designed to encourage a desired behavior, meaning that a person does
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