Crime Scene Photos And Autopsy Reports

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Brett and I sat in his office, looking over crime scene photos and autopsy reports. The force had just gotten back around an hour ago and everyone was scrambling to find the guy who killed three innocent women. I looked through the overall report one of the officers had whipped up quickly earlier on in the case, when there was only two victims. The victims were both killed differently, which would suggest a different killer, but I could feel in my gut that it was the same one we’ve been looking for. He might have a mental disability that causes him to have different levels of rage. Either way, he was a serial killer and he needed to be brought down. "Has Jenny figured out anything more yet?" I asked Brett as he closed the latest autopsy report we had just received not twenty minutes ago. He shook his head and yawned. "No and I don 't think she will. This guy is so elusive and intelligent that he would be able to hide his tracks." "Yeah, but he has to screw up somewhere. I mean, he kills his victims brutally, but still doesn 't seem to leave any traces of really anything besides the bodies? He’s an unorganized murderer, which would suggest sloppiness. It seems rather suspicious to me that we can’t find absolutely anything on him," I reasoned, pacing the room quietly. I did that a lot when I needed to think really hard. It was a habit I had picked up from my mom before she died in a car accident when I was three. "He could wear gloves during the killing. That 's
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