Criminal Behavior Case Studies

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Samuel has peers who have a positive and pro-social influence and peers who have a negative, delinquent influence with whom he has been associating for about two years. Samuel currently spends three to seven hours of free time per week with negatively influencing peers. Ms. Ratcliff previously reported Samuel spent time with a male cousin, who was about his age, and who provided a positive influence. Unfortunately, that cousin was the victim in one of the current charges before the court. As a result of Samuel’s criminal behavior in that matter, the relationship with the cousin no longer exists. Ms. Ratcliff does not know Samuel friends. She advised Samuel does not bring his friends home, which leads her to assume this is because she would …show more content…

Ratcliff does not believe the neighborhood has had any particular negative effect on Samuel’s behavior. She feels his peer associations have more to do with the problems he has experienced than the neighborhood. Samuel does not feel the neighborhood has had any negative effect on his behavior. This officer believes any negative influence would be a matter of personal choice. Ms. Ratcliff stated she knows that Samuel has experimented and used alcohol and marijuana, but that she does not know to what extent. Samuel reported he has used both alcohol and marijuana, but not in the last three months. He stated he last used marijuana in February 2017, and he stated he does not remember when he last used alcohol. Samuel reported he first consumed alcohol at the age of 14, and he stated he smoked marijuana for the first time at the age of 12. He stated he smoked marijuana “once every few months,” when he was using. He was not under the influence of alcohol or other substances at the time of the current offense before the court. Samuel has never participated in treatment or had an assessment for alcohol or other drug use. Both Samuel and Ms. Ratcliff denied that there has been any particular impact from his use of drugs or

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