Criminal Justice System And The Crime System Essay

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Prior to the over a thousand days spent on Rikers Island, including brutal nights in solitary confinement, Kalief Browder could remember his walk down East 186th Street that was suddenly interrupted by the NYPD who accused him of robbing the person who sat in their cop car, a person who Kalief claimed to have never seen in his life. Unable to make bail, Kalief suddenly found himself on his way to Rikers Island. In 2010, he soon became one of the 5,695 victims of the Bronx criminal court system even though the only evidence that was had was the memory of the alleged victim (Gonnermen 1). As discussed in class, the Criminal Justice System can be looked at as a contract within itself that contains two parts of its social contract, part one as crimes with the punishments to those crimes and part two as the due process to how the legal system handles the suspect of a crime. Even though the Criminal Justice System has been studied and training has been implemented to government officials on how to follow it properly, up to present day the Criminal Justice’s contract with society still causes trauma within society. According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of a contract is “ a binding agreement between two or more persons or parties; especially : one legally enforceable.” The common people of society give the enforcers of the law the job of keeping society safe so it can remain livable, but to keep things in order there is a balance between individual rights with the need

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