Criminal Justice System And The United States

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Abstract The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world. Many failed policies have led us to the issues we have today. Policies such as America’s “get tough on crime” failed us and put us into a bigger hole than we already were in. Our criminal justice system needs to be evaluated and failed policies and procedures must be thrown out. It is a time for a reform for our criminal justice system. However, we must first address these policies and procedures that led us to where we are today. By learning of our mistakes it will hopefully allow us to move forward and have a successful criminal justice system.
Keywords: incarceration, policies, failed, reform, evaluated. forward

Criminal justice reform is an issue that is discussed everyday. Types of people discussing the issue range from politicians to a city council. What is discussed is what aspect of criminal justice should be reformed and how. Theories are thought up by experts on what they believe can be beneficial to the reform. Theories such as restorative justice, capital punishment and the preventive theory explain certain they can help criminal justice reform. Also, it’s not all about how we treat the offenders, but how we help victims of crimes. More emphasis is put on taking care of the offenders and not the victims? However, according to some statistics it shows that these theories may not always be for the best for reform. Why do these theories fail in reform? Or how do they…
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