Criminal Justice System And The United States

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Abstract The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world. Many failed policies have led us to the issues we have today. Policies such as America’s “get tough on crime” failed us and put us into a bigger hole than we already were in. Our criminal justice system needs to be evaluated and failed policies and procedures must be thrown out. It is a time for a reform for our criminal justice system. However, we must first address these policies and procedures that led us to where we are today. By learning of our mistakes it will hopefully allow us to move forward and have a successful criminal justice system.
Keywords: incarceration, policies, failed, reform, evaluated. forward

Criminal justice reform is an issue
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Restorative justice is a technique to criminal justice that focuses on the needs of victims and the offender. Also, involved in the process is the community where the crime took place. The point is for both parties to play a certain role throughout the process. The offender is to learn of their mistake and take responsibility for their actions instead of using imprisonment. The victim informs the offender the difficulties the crime that was committed against them and how it has affected their lives and other people’s. The process is designed to help make the offender not offend again. The different programs the offender may go through are victim-offender mediation, restitution, and community-work programs. This type of punishment is used towards low-risk offenders. According to (Nicholl, 1999) restorative justice is becoming more popular and is being evaluated on its experiments throughout. Criminal justice and restorative justice are complete opposites of each other (Nicholl, 1999). It was designed to help understand the meaning of crime and why it takes place. So then efforts could be made to help those individuals in need. Crime creates an opportunity for problems to arise and to be solved through restorative justice (Nicholl, 1999). The problem is identified by all people who played a role in the crime (Nicholl, 1999). The resolution will be met if all individuals involved take part in the healing
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