Criminology And The Scientific Study Of Crime And Criminals

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1. What is criminology and which scientific areas does it borrow from?

Criminology is the scientific study of crime and criminals including its causes. It is a sub-group of sociology which is the scientific study of social behavior. Criminology uses several fields of study, including psychology, psychiatry, statistics, and anthropology.

2. What is meant by valid and reliable statistics?

A valid statistic measures facts. While a reliable statistic measures consistency from one measurement to another. This means calculating the amount and trend of criminal activity based on who commits it, when and where, and finally what crimes are most committed.

3. Explain classical criminology?

Classical criminology is a theory based on the use of free will of criminals committing an illegal act and controlling said crime with the fear of punishment if caught. Cesare Beccaria, one of the founders of this theory, believed the punishment should fit the crime accordingly.

4. Explain positivist criminology?

Positivist Criminology is the study of criminal behavior based upon external factors. The idea behind positivist criminology is that criminals are born, not made, and that crime is a matter of nature, not nurture.

5. What is the difference between crime and deviance?

One of the biggest difference between crime and deviant behavior is, crime is an illegal act punishable by the law. Deviant behavior while out of the social norm is not always dangerous, for example,

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