Critical Analysis Of Cormac Mccarthy's The Road

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Cormac McCarthy’s The Road is the story of a loving father and son going south of the country, avoiding the northern winters, walking through the road and facing different adversities on their way south. With this McCarthy introduces the very basics of life in such a subtle way. Both the father and son walking south with faith hoping for the best and loving each other. McCarthy’s Illustration of a father and son perfect relationship serves as a means to demonstrate the importance of the theological virtues love, faith, and hope in the story.
D. Marcel DeCoste’s, A Thing That Even Death Cannot Undo: The Operation of The Theological Virtues in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. Is an article in which DeCoste manifests the book success and the view of several critics regarding the theme and the plot. The theme review is over all positive but the plot reviews are very critic with the author. It stated that The Road is a morals story and according to the reviewer is a story of nothingness. It also mentions the struggle that father and son have to go through over time and the unconditional love between them. DeCoste also refers to love as the force that kept the father and son pursuing their goal. The main argument is that love is the principal feeling that is being shown.
Thomas H. Schaub’s, Secular Script and Cormac McCarthy’s The Road is an article in which the author explores the representation of spiritual survival. Tries to show the importance of the so-called spirit. According

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