Critical Analysis Of Twelve Angry Men In Twelve Angry Men

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The film Twelve Angry Men portrayed the story about twelve jurors with completely different attitudes, personalities, emotions and approaches in judging a homicide case. These attributes had affected them to deliberate the case that they had faced with a "grave responsibility" so a unanimous verdict needed to be achieved. The main idea of this movie was to display and determine if these men were able to act as a team and analyzed whether they were practicing the group dynamics as they weighed testimony, evidence, and personal agendas. Throughout the movie, the theme of integrity was developed, and certain jurors contributed to the way that integrity is presented, through their actions and comments.
In the American criminal system, those charged with crimes needed to be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Here, the main character, Juror Eight, was able to put hesitation into the rest of the jury’s minds. He challenged the evidence and proved to them that they could not be sure enough to convict the defendant. Society had certain expectations when it came to the jury; they were expected to make impartial decisions, based on facts alone, without any prejudices, outside influences or personal issues influencing their decisions. As the play unfolded, there was a struggle between right and wrong; a struggle against prejudices, racism, and a struggle for compassion. Juror Eight’s honorable efforts were highly commendable, as not only was able to save the boy’s life, but he

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