Critical Analysis of The Lottery

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“The Lottery,” written by Shirley Jackson takes place on the twenty-seventh of June in a small town in the United States. The beginning of the story starts off talking about the local children gathering around and the town square where the lottery is held. At the square, the little boys begin to gather stones from small to large ones and pile them up. The next people to show up at the village square are the husbands as they are discussing daily life amongst each other, then finally, the wives begin the arrive as they talk all about the towns biggest gossips. Unlike other towns that participate in the lottery, where it can take a couple of days to complete, this small town can do it in just a couple of hours due to the small population consisting of about three hundred people. One of the big discussions at the lottery on this day was that other towns were getting rid of the lottery. There is one man, Old Man Warner, the town elder is disgusted of the thought of ending the lottery. He has been around for the lottery since he was a child. The black box that the paper is drawn from is a very significant item to the lottery. The current black box is thought to be made from parts of the original black box. “One by one each male head of the household (or woman if there was no man to take her place) walked up to the box in alphabetical order and drew a slip of paper from the box. They were asked to keep it folded in the palms of their hands without looking. When every family had a

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