Critical Analysis of a TV Show: 'House'

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The very theme of the drama originates from the fact that everybody has a tendency to lie in given circumstances and also other humans cannot be trusted. This same theme is reflected in every action of the lead character Dr. Gregory House. House can be seen as a detailed analysis of how humans react to each other's actions when there relations are doubt driven and also, it is the curiosity in human's nature which acts as the basis for many inventions and diagnosis.
House is a reflection of typical American skepticism about various issues of life. Where today's average American is doubtful about what is going on around him and whether those around him are trust worthy or not, Dr. House is not different than others. Although he is a genius in his own field which makes him self-righteous about his opinions. However he believes that he has been provided with the right to exploit those around him and has been given a complete liberty to overrule their opinions. However, it is true that in many cases, he has been proven right which adds another feather to his hat.
Aired in 2004 by Fox Network, House managed to gain the attention of millions globally as it was on-air in sixty six countries. It was also the most viewed show in 2008. The very show is inspired…
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