Critical Reflection On Learning Skills And Safety Of Nurses

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Nurses use critical reflection as an important element of patient quality care. Critical reflection is a vital factor that enables nurses to ensure safety of patients. In the essay, a discussion of elderly abuse will be explained, based on how the incident made me feel and why, an evaluation of positive and negative impacts, analysing my perception, how I will improve my learning skills and action plans to avoid abuse. Critical reflection is a systematic way of creating awareness from events, gather knowledge, make and manage decisions to produce better outcomes Blanchet, A. (2016). (93words) According to Lewis, 2016, a resident from Leamington nursing home died to due nurses’ failure to appropriately care and treat his pressure wounds which resulted into gangrene. When the resident’s family member realised his situation, they requested the nursing home to rush him to hospital but their request was ignored. The staff stated that they were able to manage wounds. His family organised their own assistance and he was taken to hospital. However, the wounds had been badly infected that he eventually died. The Aged Care Complains Commissioner noted that, the resident’s death resulted from poor care and management to his wounds. There was little evidence of appropriate documentation concerning wound care and updates to the resident’s doctor of his status. Upon reading this incident, I felt so disappointed with Leamington nursing home because their poor performance contributed to the resident’s death. In addition, I expected the nursing home to have set standards and guidelines that had to be followed. There was poor communication amongst all the staff members. The incident resulted in positive and negative impacts. Negatively, the resident died which was devastating for the family for their loss. The unprofessional actions of nurses created a bad reputation for the entire facility for elderly abuse and neglect. Positively, there was change in the weak management, staff and systems as shown by Lewis, 2016. Staff attended mandatory trainings for wound care and improved communication skills were also emphasized. Therefore, nurses should always work according to their professional standards of practice and
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