Critical Review : Allegra Goodman ' S Intuition Describe A Vivid Research Condition On High Tech Biomedical Lab

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Allegra Goodman’ s Intuition describe a vivid research condition in high-tech biomedical lab, which is involved in not only the scientific lab life, but more importantly the money, fame and envy work and competition in the academic circle. The whole story is about that a lab on the brink of Bankruptcy, became promising but turned out to be a national scandal in the end, because of an incomplete finding by a postdoc. And I choose the plot that one of the lab directors, Marion, was struggling with so-called perfect results as one case to analyze the wrong deed, from my perspective. (Part III Media, turn 6, from p.155 to p.160)
Under the background of the lab “The Philpott,” a scientific biological laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where the researchers were going to run out of funding and they desperately needed to see results. A postdoc of them, Cliff Bannaker, who was in the edge of being out of the lab, found a marvelous result that tumor cells could be driven out of mice by RSV. Although the result showed only for the first time without repeating successfully afterwards, they published in the famous journal Nature. In this section, Marion, who was a self-strict and precise scientist, was struggling between the poor data in the repeat experiment and the stress from co-researcher Sandy’s hype and fame from the public. So Marion gave herself up, when she was infected by Sandy’s hype, and she tried to push forward the program very fast without thinking of the reality of

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