Critique Of The Book Thief

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The Book Thief: a break of history Zusak on The Book Thief present a magnificent story with heartbreaking and heartwarming moments in which the author captures the reader’s heart until the last chapter. This novel is developed through reality of war and a continuing bombing of emotions. The author describes the best of humans as well the worst, and the unusual narrator represents the equal qualities in human race. This novel describes the consequences of corrupt power and destruction; however, the novel focus the story around strong women, and particularly the way in which war affects their lives. The novel illustrates the pain and suffering experienced by mothers, sisters and daughters; consequently, it represents a break from history which has always concentrated on the misery of men. The novel gives strong evidence to support the admirable capacity of women to counteract the consequences of war and multiple moments proves the hard labor to continuing living. Particularly to survive to poor economy, deal pain of loss, and perseverance helping more in needs. In actuality women have more opportunities to work and participate in economics, but in 1939, beginning of Second World War, the possibilities were limited and the principal responsible for economic duties were men; ultimately, in 1930 started the second industrial revolution which meant the industrial area and the technology grew and took more space in daily life. This put women’s skills in second place and all
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