Critique Of The Constancy Upon Women At The Time in William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice

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Critique Of The Constancy Upon Women At The Time in William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice In the merchant of Venice Shakespeare has presented three main women characters. These three characters are, Portia, Jessica and Nerissa. Each of these characters come with a different area of society. Women in the time this was set, were not aloud to do anything. They were treated badly, and couldn't chose there own decisions. Shakespeare has made this play to show people in those days what it would be like if women had control of themselves. Shakespeare has made the portrayal of women in this play very different compared to other plays. He has made the women just like men and as well of having control of …show more content…

For women in this period of time I think that this is very unusual, as she is able to tern a situation in favor of Antonio, to save his life when none of the men could. Again in Act 4 scene 2 it shows how stubborn and cunning she can be. Portia who is married to Bassanio, who has just saved Antonio's life, is trying to test his love towards her by asking for his ring. At the start of the scene he wouldn't give her the ring but as is shows she made him do it. "And if your wife not be a mad women, and know how well I have diserv'd this ring, she would not hold out enemy for ever for giving it to me". I think the way she used her use of language talking to Bassanio was very unusual. This is because she makes it sound very encouraging, and makes it sound like a test of love. Portia uses her wit to convince Bassanio to surrender the ring that he vowed that he would never part with. Although Portia is kind, and innocent, she is very stubborn even towards her husband and she sticks to what she wants. Shakespeare has made Portia triumphant over men. Whose beauty, intelligence, quick wit and high moral stand out. She is known throughout the world for her beauty, and she is able to handle any situation with her sharp wit. Nerissa is a sweet, simple woman who helps Portia with all of her needs. Nerissa is not just a maid towards Portia, she is a friend and an

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