Cross Bridge Nursing Case Study Essay

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Erica Yelverton /QDDP submitted, 8/16- 6/16 MARS, 8/16- 6/16 progress report, 8/6/16-8/9/16 Cross bridge nursing progress note, physician progress note & Baptist South inpatient 8/7/16 preliminary note, since her last visit Crossbridge admitted Misty on 8/6/16 due to suicidal threats, had incidents on 8/6/16 ( VA, Elopement) & 7/13/16 (PD, SIB & 1 PRN) and her tegretol level (6.2) was done on 7/18/16, currently she is inpatient at Crossbridge awaiting an commitment hearing on 8/16/16.She does not have a legal guardian.

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