Essay on Cruel and Unusual Punishment

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The death penalty also known as capital punishment is an execution in which the person who committed the offence is put to death by the state. It was first practiced in Jamestown colony, 1608. The person was hanged for spying for the Spanish government and was the 1st person sentenced to death in America. Since then, it has been a form to punish the criminals for committing such heinous crimes and putting end to violence and crime rates. Despite how people agree that the death penalty is justifiable, however; it still violates the international human rights laws. These laws were created to protect the lives of all human beings including the criminals, who some might agree they do not deserve to live. Even though some might say that the …show more content…

Justice can be interpreted in many ways such as being able fair or wanting someone to suffer for what they did. However, death is not always the solution to every problem which involves a murder. In the United States alone there are thirty- five states that still have the death penalty while only fifteen states have repealed it. “In the United States, about 13,000 people have been legally executed since colonial times”. How does America respond to this?
The United States is supposed to represent freedom, liberty, and peace. However, the death penalty contradicts everything the founding fathers built America on. Everyone is entailed to life even though they commit terrible crimes. Technology advancements are rapidly growing which is supposed to allow less pain in time of execution. So far in 2011 there have been eight executions and three more executions are going to be taken place on March 10, 29 and 31. Many people are killed by lethal injections, electrocutions, gas chamber, hanging, or a firing squad. These killing methods are both immoral and unconstitutional because they are killing the people like animals. This is an endless vicious cycle of murder and revenge that continues because the people have a desire to get revenge on the people who killed their loved one. Even thought that loved one will never return and enjoy life before it was quickly taken away. In the United States there are about 3,230 Death Row inmates

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