Cryogenics Essay

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In Physics, Cryogenics is the study of the Production of Very Low Temperature (Below −150 °C, −238 °F or 123 K) and the Behavior of Materials at those Temperatures. A person who studies Elements under Extremely Cold Temperature is called a Cryogenicist. Rather than the Relative Temperature Scales of Celsius and Fahrenheit, Cryogenicists use the Absolute Temperature Scales. These are Kelvin (SI units) or Rankine scale (Imperial & US units). Cryogenics: The Branches of Physics and Engineering that involve the Study of Very Low Temperatures, How to Produce Them, and How Materials Behave at those Temperatures.Cryobiology: The Branch of Biology involving the Study of the Effects of Low Temperatures on Organisms (Most Often for the Purpose of …show more content…

Based on this theory of cryogenic hardening, the commercial cryogenic processing industry was founded in 1966 by Ed Busch. With a background in the heat treating industry, Busch founded a company in Detroit called CryoTech in 1966. Though CryoTech later merged with 300 Below to create the largest and oldest commercial cryogenics company in the world, they originally experimented with the possibility of increasing the life of metal tools to anywhere between 200%-400% of the original life expectancy using cryogenic tempering instead of heat treating. This evolved in the late 1990s into the treatment of other parts (that did more than just increase the life of a product) such as amplifier valves (improved sound quality), baseball bats (greater sweet spot), golf clubs (greater sweet spot), racing engines (greater performance under stress), firearms (less warping after continuous shooting), knives, razor blades, brake rotors and even pantyhose. The theory was based on how heat-treating metal works (the temperatures are lowered to room temperature from a high degree causing certain strength increases in the molecular structure to occur) and supposed that continuing the descent would allow for further strength increases. Using liquid nitrogen, CryoTech formulated the first early version of the cryogenic processor. Unfortunately for the newly born industry, the results were unstable, as components sometimes experienced thermal shock when they

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