Cuban Health Care . Introduction. Healthcare Is The “Efforts

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Cuban Health Care Introduction Healthcare is the “efforts made to maintain or restore physical, mental, or emotional well-being especially by trained and licensed professionals” (Merriam Webster). Healthcare in Cuba is regarded as a human right, therefore making “healthcare a national priority” (Iatridus, Demetri, 1988) and free for all its citizens. Cuban healthcare policies state that the attention is greatly focused on “prevention, primary care, services in the community, and the active participation of citizens” (Iatridus, Demetri 1990). The Development of Cuban Healthcare Under the oppression of Batista’s dictatorship, Cuba’s healthcare was close to non-existent. The upper-class went to clinics that were privately funded and the …show more content…

The government has looked at the individual needs of its citizens and has provided free healthcare for everyone. Not only free healthcare but anything that would affect the factors of health, such as mental health and education. Research (ndjff) shows that before the new healthcare policies took place, Cuba spent 112 US dollars on per person in terms of healthcare services and now recently in 2014, statistics show that 817 US dollars are being used per person. Cuba’s healthcare is very accessible to all of the citizens. “Family physician and nurse teams were assigned to live in the neighborhoods where they practiced, literally next door to their patients. Originally, each team was responsible for improving and maintaining the health status of 600 to 800 people (120–150 families) in their catchment area, generally holding office hours in the morning and reserving the afternoon for house calls” (NIH GOV). This idea allowed Cubans have complete access to healthcare and more thorough check-up from the physicians. Thanks to the free education, students who wish to become doctors are given free education and are able to also attend medical school for free. Medical students are required to help with the country and provide their free service to all individuals around Cuba. However, there are still many negative critiques for Cuba’s healthcare, some of them being not having the proper medical equipment for surgeries and other emergencies,

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