Cults: The Four Factors Of Mind Control

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A cult is relatively a small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister. The elements of a cult focus on four major factors of mind control such as Behavior Control, Information Control, Thought Control, and Emotional Control. According to the video uploaded by aperi mentis and written by Steven Hassan stated that: Behavior Control constant reminding of the authority of the leader, obedience is the most important teaching just believing but don’t question; Information Control deception is basic feature of recruitment it keeps potential members unaware of unusual group beliefs that would be distasteful at an earlier stage of indoctrination, important information which is available to the general …show more content…

In the video, the spokeswomen Benscoter stated that within a week she believed that the second coming of Christ had occurred and that it was Sun Myung Moon which she was specially chosen and prepared by god to be his disciple. Benscoter also talked about how her family was a deprogrammer, a deprogrammer is a person in a controversial belief system to change those beliefs and abandon allegiance to the religious, political, economic, or social group associated with the belief system (Wikipedia). When Benscoter was, a deprogrammer following behind her mother and father after five years Benscoter she was arrested for kidnapping and most of the cases she went on her and her cult members were called involuntary, an involuntary is done without the will or conscious control. Benscoter went on talking about how she couldn’t understand what was going on with brain during the time she was in the cult name Sun Myung Moon however after a long time being out of the cult she finally understood what was going on in her head long …show more content…

The cult Sun Myung Moon was something like a virus which attacked her brain and the other cult members, the cult infected their brain causing the most damage to them all because they had an almost compromised immune system. The reason why Benscoter was under the spell of Sun Myung Moon was because she was young and naïve which made me think about the cult episode in Monk. Amanda and the other cult members in Siblings of the Sun must have joined the cult when they were young believing that “Father” was their saver, they must had believed that “Father” was somewhat similar to a god which was the reason why they were so drawn to him. Even if “Father” told them to hand over all their life saving and told them to never listen to anyone but him none of them disobey his order. Benscoter just like many other cult followers never thought about disobeying their leader because they saw him as a God on

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