Cultural Stereotypes In The Media

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The media, whether adverts, movies, or music videos, most certainly play a compelling and considerable aspect in forming our culture and the subsequent perceptions of others. Cultural stereotypes are often exemplified and strengthened through the media and the tendency is to disparage and pervert segments of the population. In the same way, what is portrayed in the media models our view and perceptions of people, which are often distorted and limited and, unfortunately, these perceptions also shape our perceptions of self, as well as how we believe others perceive us. This is further reinforced by cultural stereotypes, portrayed in the media, as they emphasize a distorted and limited view and perception of self, as well as how we believe others perceive us, and through the constant use of cultural stereotypes, this further reinforces prejudices about race, ethnicity, and gender.
Take, for example, the music video Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling. Stirling is reflected as a poised, flawless and perfectly positioned ballerina. As the ballerina comes into view, one might perceive that she is confident and composed, however, very quickly, the video reveals that the glass globe is, in fact, a music box, and she is a wind-up dancer imprisoned within a glass globe, and only truly comes to life and performs on command when a key is turned. She acts and behaves in an expected manner; a figure of perfection surrounded by this structure, the stereotype of who she perceives herself to be,
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