Cultural Traditions Report : The American And Mexican Cultures

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Cultural Traditions Report

The American and Mexican cultures celebrate May 5th with festivities, food, and drinks. One might wonder, why we celebrate this day. Well, May 5th, otherwise known as Cinco de Mayo in Spanish, commemorates the Mexican army’s victory over France in the Battle of Puebla during the French-Mexican war in the 1800’s. While this culture tradition has been adopted and popularized in America, it is still celebrated in Mexico. The day is spent with festivities, food, and drinks. In Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is mostly celebrated in Puebla; however, there are other parts of Mexico who celebrate as well.
Furthermore, there are many Mexican-American communities in the United States, primarily in California. This traditional holiday has been widely celebrated in the States, and is celebrated with parades, mariachi music, as well as food and drinks like tacos, tamales, cerveza, and margaritas. Cinco de Mayo is surprisingly a more popular tradition in the United States than it is in Mexico. However, many people often confuse this celebration as Mexico’s Independence Day, which is actually celebrated in September.
The French tried invading Mexico, as they were too poor of a country to pay its debts. To everyone’s surprise, the Mexican troops who were fighting on that day, ended up victorious in the Battle of Puebla. However, they had lost Mexico City. This is where the United States comes into play. They aligned with Mexico and helped push the French out of Mexico

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