Culturally Responsive Teaching Experiences

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training, an additional assumption is that many in-service teachers lack practicum experience with culturally and linguistically diverse students during the preparatory course to work directly with culturally diverse students (Atwater et al., 2010; Castro, 2012; Jackson, 2013). Therefore, each of the participants will have different behaviors in regards to the phenomenon, based on their individual experiences.
5. From a personal perspective as an African American female teacher, the researcher has a personal bias. Therefore, it is necessary for the researcher to separate personal views from the study. To ensure trustworthiness in qualitative research, the researcher must construct the reality of participants’ responses and make sure that her personal views do not cloud the integrity of the study (Giorgi, 2009). The researcher will need to separate her values and perceptions from the research and focus strictly on the revealed evidence of the study.
1. A limitation of this study relates to the sample size of 10-15 participants. The number of teachers in the state of New York and the Albany area is enormous in comparison to the sample size. Thus, the sampling size does not present a large enough picture to describe the phenomena of teachers using CRTS with diverse urban student populations, as it applies …show more content…

The culturally responsive teaching experiences of the participants are a limitation. According to Gay (2010), culturally responsive teaching is effective when teachers and students cultural background is acknowledged and integrated into the teaching-learning process. Teachers’ years of lived experiences using CRTS with culturally diverse students will limit the scope of this study. Siwatu (2011) argues many preservice teachers have limited experiences and exposure to using CRTS throughout their teacher preparation and training programs. Therefore, some teachers may have limited experiences while others have an abundance of teaching skills using

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