Current Lack Of Renewable Energy Essay

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Current Lack of Renewable Energy in Developing Nations
The supply of energy in developed nations seems abundant and endless, making it a commodity that is often taken for granted. However, in developing countries, people do not have the luxury to waste energy, as it can be a struggle for it to last an entire day. For instance - in Lebanon, there are daily blackouts because not enough electricity is produced to meet the demand. A temporary fix during these blackouts are diesel generators but a permanent solution is still needed [5]. Renewable energy must be the long term and sustainable solution. Like most developing countries, Lebanon has expressed interest in having their own renewable energy source, but the country cannot afford the initial startup and maintenance. Therefore, Lebanon and other developing nations continue to rely on non-renewable energies such as fossil fuels as their sources of energy. However, this has become an increasingly important issue as those sources continue to deplete rapidly. Unfortunately, renewable energy is not an important concern for the governments of these nations. “In nations where a significant portion of the population still lack access to basic energy services, the worry about long-term environmental sustainability is often overshadowed by more immediate concerns about energy access and affordability” [6]. Due to more pressing concerns, the government overlooks the importance of integrating a renewable energy generation

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