Curriculum And Instruction For Atypical Learners

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Today’s teachers face many challenges in the classroom. Teachers are held accountable to provide rigorous, relevant instruction that meets the needs of all students. In addition, teachers must also provide accommodations and modifications of assignments for students who have special needs or disabilities which may hinder them in a regular educational setting. These types of general education instructional adaptations are the focus of one of my Master’s coursework studies, Modification of Curriculum and Instruction for Atypical Learners (SPED 5366). Through the course, I gain knowledge which allows me better understand how to meet the educational needs of these atypical learners. During the course, I created an application assignment with a teaching tool that meets the needs of a student who struggle in the area of Science. In addition, I implement the lesson with the student and reflect on the experience (see Appendix A- Gummy Bear Science). I chose the atypical learner lesson as an example of my showcase work because it reinforces how to effectively assess a struggling student’s strengths in a subject instead of focusing on their weaknesses. In the assignment, I provide an instructional plan that best meets the needs of the struggling learner. Instructional planning recognizes and supports the classroom as a community to which age peers belong, where they can and should be nourished as individual learners” (Lawrence-Brown, 2004, p. 36). For the assignment, I

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