Cyber Security Policy

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Firion Cyber Security Policy and Implications
May 10, 2011

Security Policy Structure as it Relates to Humans 3
Cyber Crime & Cyber Warfare 4
Profile and Motivations of a Cyber Criminal 4
Attack Methods and Firion Vulnerabilities 5
Cyber Crime Trends 7
Laws and Regulations Driving Company Security Policies 8
Cooperation Frameworks 9
Liability and Taking Responsibility 9
Security Policies 9
Setting Backgrounds and Screen Savers Policy 11
Intellectual Property and Licensing Policy 11
Information Systems Expectable Use Policy 11
User Email Responsibilities 12
Information Systems Expectable Use Policy 13
Software License Policy 13
Data Transfer Policy 13
Reference Checks Policy 14
Least Privilege Policy 16
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It would have been uncommon for teenagers to commit these types of crimes in the past, but their generation is growing up with computers and skills. Criminals range from teens, adults, to terrorist organizations, and can carry out crimes with the anonymity and the help of computers. Businesses are also putting vast amounts of critical information on computers and most of our financial transactions are conducted online.
The criminal no longer has the requirement to be in the geographic location in order to commit the crime. The profile of a cyber criminal can be a disgruntled employee, business rival, professional hacker, political activist, or even a family member of an employee. We at Firion also understand that anyone can be a victim, but the most vulnerable are the inexperienced, desperate, or greedy; so we do our best to identify any problems as soon as possible. Criminals can act alone or find help online to commit their crimes. Criminals often meet online with other criminals to share methods, and collaborate on future crimes.
Attack Methods and Firion Vulnerabilities Denial of service, spyware, hacking, virus dissemination, fraud, phishing, spoofing, and extortion are just some of the cyber crimes that we at Firion try to protect against (Ciampa, 2010). With all our efforts, Firion has discovered some vulnerabilities based on various employee actions that were
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