Cyrus Chapter Summaries

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tories. He stuided war so much that he was coninced he was there. Charles wass born to Alice. Cyrus analized genral’s palns. However he never promoted himself to a noncomissioned rank. He was always a private which allowed him to tell elaborate stories. The way Cyrus reacted after Lincoln’s death made him seem like he was great friends with Lincoln. He began to write articles about the war and developed a good miliatrayr mind. He attracted attention with his articles. He was printed in the newspaper and had effects ni the deciision on the army. He was a consulatnt in matters of army orginatoin. He then took a paid secretaryship after gaining unpaid offices in the GAR. He traveld often and was organized on the matters of his farm as well. Alice …show more content…

Adam tells Charles that they could go travel but hears Cathy covered in blood and dirt. They decide to take her in and clean her up. They call a docter and find out she is badly injured. Adam decides to take care of her and the doctor decides to tell the sherif abou the girl. Adam wrorries Adam helps Charles remove the rocks from the farm that the sherif is borthering Cathy iwth questions Cathy states that she cants remember her name and that t she has her thoughts mixed upl Cathy doesn't want the sherrif to know she set the fire and becomes scared. Adam cooked for cathy but Charles does not trust Cathy. He doesn't like how foreign she looks. He tells Cathy she has been talking in her sleep and he believes she is evil. He noticed Cathy’s nervouness and tells her that if she does not leave he will tell the sheriff. Cathy feares Charles but tells Adam that she is afriad that he lied about loosing her memory. SHe asks him to trust her and uses him to make him take care of her. Adam felt love for Cathy and asks her to marry him. cathy tells him noot to tell CHarles. Cathy decides to marry Adam because he was afraid and needed the protection/money. She knew she could c9ontrol and use

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