D-Day Script

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Once you have 100 notecards, then you may begin to write a script. 1 page of script (font size 12) = 1-2 minutes of video D-Day 1944 “The eyes of the world are upon you. The hopes and prayers of liberty-loving people everywhere march with you.”-Dwight D. Eisenhower “To us, is given the honor of striking a blow for freedom which will live in history; and in the better days that lie ahead, men will speak with pride of our doings.”- Brenard Montgomery In 1939, a second world war begun. Then the Nazis were trying to invade Europe. Britian started fighting the Nazis. The Japaneese were also fighting in Asia, but on the Nazi’s side. In 1941, they bombed Pearl Harbor and the U.S entered the war. In 1943, a year before D-Day, the Nazis controlled …show more content…

In 1942, he started constructing a massive set of fortifications along the whole French and atlantic coast. It was called the Atlantic Wall. It consisted of gun batteries assembled all over that could destroy ships from 20 Kilometers away and millions of mines. One of the guns assembled in the wall was the MG42. It was an extremely powerful and damaging gun that could fire 25 bullets a second and even 1,500 in a minute at the speed of 2,000 MPH. 546,000 Nazi soldiers were along the coast. Hitler was planning on attacking England much earlier on, but instead turned against his ally, Russia which was a bad decision all around. After he started fighting Russia he tried to make an atomic bomb to use on them, so then he could focus again on England. Nazi spies also desperately tried to find out the details of the allied attack they knew was going to come but they failed. The Normandy beaches, specifically Omaha, were unfortified but Nazi General Erwin Rommel realized that Omaha looked like a beach that the allies had used for an attack earlier on in the war, and he ordered a lot of mines and defense built on Omaha, which was part of the reason why we had such a hard time at …show more content…

They were supposed to seize roads and bridges that led the the major cities they were supposed to capture. The British and Canadians were supposed to capture Caen, and the Americans Cherbourg. They were to meet up with troops that landed on the beaches.But it was very foggy and winds were strong which was not ideal at all, and paratroopers were dropped separately. The planes were supposed to fly in a V formation but lost each other because of the weather. Since no one was together, the Germans couldn’t tell how many allies landed and thought it wasn’t going to be a major

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