D.W. Griffith's Movie, Birth of a Nation Shows the Reality of Racism

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Birth of a Nation uses its histrionic plot to show how tangled destinies of a southern and northern family before and after the Civil War. It willingly portrays southern blacks as spiteful and uncivil, the northern whites as crafty, dishonest, and conceited, and the film’s southern whites as anguish recurrent radical and erotic mortifications at the hands of white northerners and black southerners before factually being saved by the thoughtful, Ku Klux Klan. The film is divided to show the different aspects of those two sides during this historical time. During this time Africans were coming to America and it started the reconstruction on our country. D.W. Griffith made this film to show us the reality of racism at this point in time. …show more content…

This movie in particular was three hours long, for most viewing a three hour film with speaking is draining. Seeing that I could barely endure my focus on what was being shown. I decided to divide the movie up into three days for an hour. For those days I took notes and really analyzed what I thought was wrong and miss told. In the movie the embellishments about Africa Americans was misguiding. The beginning of the second half, the whites were holding up signs stating they wanted “Equal rights, equal politics and equal marriages.” Realistically speaking, we all know that was not the case. For the most part whites only wanted that for themselves not for the whole community. The way that Griffith tried to reveal whites was in a way that said they were in favor for equal rights for all. That they were the “helpless white minority.” And to be quite honest I think that’s pushing it.
“ Some of these early productions have racial themes which reorganize the world in such a way that black heritage is rewarded over white paternity; they are schematic renunciations of the prevailing order of things in white American society where, historically, the discovery of black blood meant sudden reversal of fortune, social exclusion, or banishment.” (Gaines, P.3) Within the movie the amount of mistruths about African Americans was sad. Within the movie you notice that the blacks were always or seem to be yelling, acting uncivilized and doing

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