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Convicted Of A DUI? Learn How To Minimize Your Auto Premium Increase One of the effects of having a DUI conviction is that you’ll see your car insurance premiums increase because of it. You are considered a more at risk driver, so an insurance company needs a bigger premium to offset the chance of an accident happening. If you need to find a way to cut back on insurance costs, know that you are not stuck with those high premiums. There are several ways to reduce your premiums so that the increase is not as bad. Drive A Vehicle That Is Cheaper To Have Insured If you know that your premiums are going up after your DUI, you should consider the car that you are insuring to drive. A newer and more expensive car is going to naturally cost more to insure than an older car that is barely worth anything. If another driver in your home is the primary driver on an older car, consider switching cars with them for the first few years following your DUI. If you do get into an accident, your risk will be much lower to the insurance…show more content…
If you are running into a problem with getting auto insurance, know that there are companies that are DUI-friendly when it comes to people with previous convictions. You’ll want to find an insurance company that offers SR22 insurance. The name is kind of misleading, because it is actually a certificate that the insurance company files with your state that vouches for you as an insured driver. It’s an addition to a normal car insurance policy, and may even be required based on how serious your DUI conviction was. You won’t need SR22 insurance forever, since the terms of your DUI conviction will state how long you need it for. This could help you get insurance from an alternative company that won’t charge an arm and a
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