Dabier And The Cs Project

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When a powerful supernova in an unstable irregular galaxy threatens to engulf the isolated, lonely and only known planet containing life, Dabier, the world of green and seas, the best engineers in many different fields of experimental physics took to finding a way to thwart the cosmic phenomena taking place. Force fields and other barriers were deemed ineffective, as well as mass migration plans proving to be too costly and inefficient to implement. Just as all hope seemed to have been lost, and the planet at large had resigned to its sad fate, it was found that by manipulating certain elements of human DNA strands, one could encode information in certain amino acid chains that, when exposed to certain anomalous particle properties, would …show more content…

The war was disastrous for the two major sides: Cadenne and Yebucha, who destroyed themselves in the struggle to obtain the secret advancements in technology. However, in a twisted turn of events, the research hub was destroyed, releasing a violent neurotoxin into the water supply, rapidly spreading throughout the air in the form of clouds, making nearly all the water on the planet unpotable. Thus, after about 2 years, the world's human population was reduced to nothing. Try as she might, the young, all-loving and innocent Elisea could do little to stop the events from taking place - she simply could not figure out how to transmute the water sources to become potable again. Heartbroken at the sight of people and animals losing their lives without purpose, her "father," a researcher who had spent the most time with her throughout her life, drugged her and put the girl on a one-way primitive starship that the Cadenni had been trying to develop before the CS project.

Upon her waking the next morning, she had been flung from the planet's atmosphere. The first thing Elisea tried to accomplish was attempting to telepathically create a link to the researchers at the facility back home, but it was no use; she was too far now from the ruined biosphere. As time trudged mercilessly on, she no longer knew where she was headed,

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