Dangers Of High School Football

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Despite the Fun Football is also Dangerous

Football is an exciting sport for the players and the ones who watch. While at the same time it is also actually dangerous. It is one of the remarkably unhealthy activities played in the United States. Nearly all of the people playing football have been injured before, even if it was undersized like a sprained leg or ankle. It will still eventually cause problems afterward in their lives.
Concussions are known to have the highest rank of injuries. Injuries at a young age are not pleasant for high school players. Their brains are not developed as much as a college player would be. College students may redeem themselves after a week, while it takes almost weeks for a high school student to compensate. The way the coaches choose to run their plays is what causes most of those incidents. “Positions with the greatest risks of injury were running backs and linebackers” (How Dangerous is High School Football?” 22). If the coaches would take in the time out to actually teach the players how hit properly, it would prevent a tremendous amount of injuries. When players are said to be hurt doing the middle of a game. The coaches motivate them to keep playing through the injuries most times. While in their future lives that will later affect them. “C.T.E. is a head-trauma-induced disease linked to depression, impulse-control problems, memory loss, and dementia. More than 20 deceased N.F.L. players have been found to have had C.T.E.” (Alan

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