Dangers Of Water Purification

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Impacts of Water Purification on our society & The Dangers of Drinking unpurified water
Did you know that only two and half percent of the earths fresh water is okay to drink and less than one percent of that is available to humans and fresh water ecosystems and the rest is frozen away in the ice in artic and ant artic areas. One of the biggest problems today in 2017 is people having purified water. Having such a big population and our way of life is killing our earth. This way of our life is destroying our fresh water ecosystems and is making it very difficult for us to have clean drinking water. Although there are some simple solutions to this problem. Purified water has a huge impact on our society socially and economically.
Twelve percent of our earth’s population uses eighty-five percent of its water. 1.2 billion people in our earth our do not have easy access to clean drinking water. Due to the shortage of pure water it has caused 250 million deceases, leading to 5-10 million deaths annually just because of pure water. The problem of purified water has put a lot of stress on developing countries. Developing countries can often afford a sanitation plant and the facilities to run a sanitation plant and have the water run to families in urban areas but the problem is that it is often too expensive, or they don’t have everything to reach rural areas leaving a lot of poor families without pure water. In Africa the women are given the responsibility to collect water for

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