Dante's Peak

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Dante's Peak Introduction to Movie The movie talks about the eruption of northern cascades mountain which took place in America. Set in the fictional town of Dante's Peak, Washington, located in the northern Cascade Mountains, the film is somewhat based on the real-life eruptions of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, Mount St. Helens in 1980 and Mount Pinatubo in 1991, with Dr. Harry Dalton and the family of the mayor of the town. The film begins with the eruption of an unnamed volcano in Colombia during which volcanologist Dr. Harry Dalton’s fiancée is killed as the couple tries to evacuate. After four years, Harry is tasked with investigating possible volcanic activity in the mountain near the town of Dante’s Peak which has not erupted for a…show more content…
The robots are not used by the USGS to monitor earthquakes. They rely on observations and measurements taken in the field and with satellites. It is also not possible that the acid lake took only a few minutes to dissolve the metal boat. The seismographs were not real as the patterns were not reflective of the earthquake shown. It is also not possible to drive across lava flow as it is about 2000 degrees C, the rubber tires would melt and gas tanks would ignite. What kinds of hazards were depicted in the movie,and what part have they played in real volcanic eruptions? Before the Eruption There is a sudden rise in amount of sulfur dioxide with rising seismic activity. There is also the falling and crumbling of rocks with the appearance of dead animals and escaping animals. Thw water on the earth surface starts to boil and heats up, such an example can be seen when two skinny dipping backpackers get burnt to death in the hot spring. There is also a series of small earthquakes due to the pressure of the magma building underneath, in the ground. Gas is also released as magma gets closer to the surface of the volcano. During the Eruption An uncountable number of people and animals die, and water becomes acidic, like the incident where the water from the tap became yellow. Lakes turn acidic and creatures in the sea will die, rubble
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