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09.13.2011 The Dark Knight of the Soul Questions for a second reading 2. Throughout Miller’s essay, he follows a similar format in the way he states his opinion about the connection between reading and writing to his readers. With every subheading, he tells a story of the influence of reading and writing on the protagonist of each story. Every subheading begins with the introduction of the protagonists through the final outcome of their actions. For example, the first story of the two boys, Harris and Klebold begins with the revelation of what they have done—murdering fifteen people with weapons they created on their own. This knowledge to create such weapons and to follow through with such an act is all blamed upon technology…show more content…
I believe what Miller is trying to say is that the readers and the writers are supposed to identify and assess on our own about what should and should not influence us and we should “balance” the information we take in and the ones we leave out. “[T]he connections that count” are the reasonable ideas that we can apply to the real world. If we were to act upon idealism like the protagonists in Miller's stories do, and what Miller suggests becomes a goal for the subject in high schools and colleges, learning would no longer be about sitting and listening to lectures in a classroom, acquiring knowledge from a textbook, or even discussing among the class. Instead, a new way of learning in which the participants in the class would be required to explore the topic or subject at hand. It almost seemed as if Miller suggests that the students experience first-hand on what they've been taught. This might be the only way to make the connections that we need to from reality and idealism and to understand and learn from it like in Miller's stories that he refers to. When considering the literal meaning of " arms out, balancing", a person would sometimes fall and lean towards one side and then to the other until he or she can balance in a stationary stature. When looking at the phrase figuratively and relating it to reality and idealism, one would at first be unstable until you can find the balance between the two. This would

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