Darth Vaderr Essay

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In the world of good and evil the protagonist and the antagonist have to be interesting. So in your own opinion who is the best of the bad The Dark Lord,Voldemort well both great villain but the true ultimate villain is Darth Vader. One of the greatest parts about him is his name translates to Dark Father as a hint to him being Luke’s father and it still sound cool and his suit was made with defaults so he wouldn’t be able to betray the sith lord. These are just some of the awesome things about him but there is even more. Have you ever wondered why he make that co-pe noise?That noise is the rest predator in his suit that is a default that use to keep him up at night.Out of this default he still sounds like and a boss when he delivered a line that well live in infamy “Luke I am your father.”This is just his voice he has even better things about his backstory and the defaults in his suit. If you didn’t know Darth Vader real name is Anakin Skywalker and he was trained Qui-Gon that saw the potential in the young boy but he couldn’t save him and his mother from the lives they lived as slave so he made a deal with there owner that if the boy won a race he would go free. He won the …show more content…

He also has enhanced grip and overall strength do to robotic limes and a height tolerance for pain.This made him stronger because pain,fear,sadness,and other evils this is what the dark side draws power from.He also has those defaults that made him a sponge for force lighting. Well what force lighting? That the lighting the sith lord shots from his fingers and this is why he dies saving Luke’s life from the sith lord.The way he breaths is not a full default it keep him alive but it keeps him up at night.The best part of all of this is defaults might be bad for him but they make him even more epic is he has found ways to overcome them and the breathing makes him just sound

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