David B. Mahoney's Essay On Abortion

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I sat in the back right corner of my fourth grade classroom next to my best friend, Hannah. We dutifully took notes, answered questions, and tried not to get in trouble for talking. Hannah had been my closest confidante through elementary school crushes, a shoulder to cry on over A-minuses, the kindest listener when I complained about being stuck with underachievers in group projects, and when my vision got blurry, she became my eyes. There was never a question of legitimacy between us - why would I lie about needing help? So she whispered the words to me while I squinted at the whiteboard, trying to will the smudges into letters. In David B. Mahoney’s essay “A Normative Construction of Gulf War Syndrome,” the “conflict between …show more content…

Very early in his presidency, Donald Trump reinstated and strengthened the Mexico City Policy, also known as the global gag rule. Introduced by Ronald Reagan in 1984, this policy “stop[s] funding for international groups which perform or provide information on abortions” (BBC News) even in countries where abortion is legal. This violates medical ethics by preventing organizations from not only practicing necessary health care but also providing vital health information. Women’s health is rarely prioritized, and sexual health is seen as taboo, so it is difficult for women to find access to information and services except through specific organizations. When these organizations are threatened, their health and safety is compromised, and lives are put in danger. Because the global gag rule can cut funding, these clinics will be unable to provide any services, like birth control, STD testing and treatment, cancer screenings, ectopic pregnancy surgery, endometriosis treatment, and healthcare during and after pregnancy. For the greater good of the women of the community, doctors are incentivized to follow the rule of no abortion even when it is in the mother’s best

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