David Sharp

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On May 15, 2016 a British mountaineer David Sharp died due to the freezing climate at the summit near the Mount Everest. He was an experienced mountaineer climbing the Mount Everest. Sharp choose to climb alone and he also carried minimal oxygen, no phone and no satellite radio (Findler). Sharp made a statement to the Asian Trekking expedition that he doesn’t want any obligation from his fellow climbers that came out to be very harsh. Climbing the mountain without enough oxygen was considered life threatening by the Sherpas the experienced mountain climbers. Sharp died in the Green Boots Cave on the Northeast Ridge of the Mount Everest. His death on the way to the Mount Everest led to an anguished debate in the media and the mountaineer’s mostly …show more content…

He was not in a situation to even stand on his own. Mark Inglis a New Zealand Mountaineer who was criticized by Sir Edmund Hillary and the expedition company Asian Trekking were attacked for being inhuman and not helping Sharp but they came up with a lot of statements to defend themselves. The incident resulted in quite a backlash within the mountaineering community which still resonates to this day (“Five Years On”). The issue that arose in this case was whether it was right or wrong on the part of the mountaineer’s to ignore David Sharp’s condition and continue on their own summit ambitions. Didn’t the climbers have the obligation to help their fellow climber in such a situation? In the essay I am going to defend the view that it was not wrong for the climbers to continue to climb the Everest rather than helping Sharp to bring him down the mountain and save …show more content…

But David Sharp’s case was based on a different scenario where he himself choose a path of life-altering decision. Based on his decisions I constructed an argument in favor of other climbers for not helping him. It is straightforward that a person is risking his life on his own by climbing the mountain with low level of oxygen and endangering himself. So, it could be wrong to leave a climber struggling with life alone on a mountain, but it is also wrong to put yourself in a situation of risk for a person who has himself/ herself thrown themselves into a state of

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