David Von Drehle : A Writer

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David Von Drehle is a very qualified writer because of his notable achievements at such a young age. In 1992 he was sent to cover the presidential primary which started his career as a political writer, giving him the ability to show a clear bias with the politics of the labor movement and worker exploitation occurring in this time period.

Just 10 years after the turn of the century, New York City becomes a hub for manufacturing of cheap textiles and the relocation of immigrants from across the globe. Every day, boats come into Ellis Island dropping off Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe escaping persecution, Italians fleeing poverty with hopes of supporting their families back in Italy, and many others hoping to support themselves and others but all with the mindset of making money. There were plenty of jobs for these immigrants to occupy in thousands of, what we would now call, sweatshops. These sweatshops were run by greedy businessmen and were squeezed full of hundreds of poor immigrants in large open floors, even further cramped with sewing machines and conveyor belts. The one factory to be focused on with this particular story is one of the larger factories around New York City, the Triangle Waist Company, owned and operated by Max Blanck and Isaac Harris, which produced skirts and dresses. Isaac Harris and Max Blanck were both immigrants themselves and through their partnership and diligent saving of their money, they were able to create their factory, the

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