Dayton Juvenile Court Case Study

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What Is A Bindover Hearing In Dayton Juvenile Court?
It is sad and depressing to hear when teenagers are involved in deplorable behavior and youth crimes are increasing worldwide. When a juvenile or youth is arrested under crimes such as a theft, murder, rape, DUI, drug possession, the hearings are conducted in a separate Juvenile Court that may charge them of serious penalties like fines, house arrest, jail, community service, a criminal record, probation, psychiatric evaluations, drug testing and treatment or counseling. Since a juvenile crime can have far reaching effect on his future, the court does not conduct a jury trial but exercises discretionary powers which most likely lead to some sort of rehabilitation only. To determine such cases, age, mental and physical maturity, history of criminal record of juvenile at time of crime and damages suffered by the accused play a very important role. In Dayton, Ohio if a child (below 18 years) has attained an age of 14 years or above at the time of crime, he can be tried in an adult court. All hearings in the beginning are held in a juvenile court to determine whether the case need to transferred to adult court for further legal proceedings to make a decision or finding more facts on the case. This process is normally termed as bindover, waiver or transfer of …show more content…

You must call for an immediate legal assistance if your child has been accused of any crimes as above. The juvenile courts are as quick in action as adult courts and any laxity in your approach can ruin your child’s future. You must contact the most experienced and trustworthy Dayton Criminal Lawyer to protect your child and get all your queries resolved comprehensively. Call Patrick Mulligan & Associates for a free evaluation of your child’s case and receive apt legal counseling on how to minimize penalties and avoid

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