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Ratifying the Constitution DBQ “…thirteen powerful, independent, disunited States are in the habit off…refusing to obey our national Congress…I pray that we can act in time to prevent the bad things we fear may happen.” George Washington wrote this in a letter to John Jay (Doc 3). Even the man who is immediately thought of when talking about the start of our nation thought that without a new set of guidelines to run our country by, the young country would eventually break apart and the fighting of the higher powers would begin again. The reasons George thought this way was because of how week the Articles of Confederation actually were, also because all the different foreign problems that the country as a whole faced, and another big…show more content…
“….the insults that are made against America in every court in Europe. View these things, fellow citizens, and then say that we do not require a new, a protecting, and efficient federal nation government if you can.” (Doc. 1). The American Revolution had left the United States in debt to many different Europe countries, and since the Articles of Confederation did not allow the United States government to tax the states it was very hard for the United States to pay those debts back. So, to keep the credit of the United States high the debt was needed to be paid back quickly and also so that the U.S. could be trusted as good allies, a solution was needed. The solution that was decided on was to form a new document of guidelines for the new country and a new strong central government to tax the states, and citizens and not have the states be nearly their own country but rather a whole unified country. “The Constitution is a proposal as big as a change as the document which separated us from Great Britain.” (Doc. 4). The new proposal of the United States Constitution came as a big to surprise to many people about how big of a change the new document actually was, but a big change is exactly what the country needed to solve some of the very important problems if faced. Since the country was in such a major debt and had no way to pay it back, things were only going to get worse, the debt we still owed to Spain had left them still controlling land
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